When the World says “Give up” Hope whispers “try it one more time”!

When the World says “Give up”
Hope whispers “try it one more time”!

Our Purpose

The Star Center Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit organization of licensed therapists, program facilitators and specialists who recognize the need to promote and support medically challenged individuals and their caregivers.

Our Mission

The Star Center Foundation addresses the obstacles of those individuals who are affected physically and mentally by swallowing, feeding, voicing & cognitive issues. SCF also supports their loved ones during this difficult period. SCF is dedicated to educating, researching, engaging positive support, and assisting individuals to reach their maximum ability to live and improve and improve their quality of life.

Using a unique combination of traditional and holistic healing methods, the SCF offers renewed hope to these individuals and their families.

Growing the foundation to effect a larger population, while not effecting the world, effecting even one means the world to that person.

This type of imaging of your swallowing is called a modified barium swallow to assess swallow function. This one shows a normal swallow.


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