When the World says “Give up” Hope whispers “try it one more time”!

When the World says “Give up”
Hope whispers “try it one more time”!

The Purpose of The Star Center Foundation

The Star Center Foundation (SCF) is a non-profit organization of enthusiastic volunteers who recognize the need to promote and support patients and their caregivers.

The Mission

The Star Center Foundation tackles the challenges of those patients afflicted with swallowing, feeding, voicing & cognitive issues due to a variety of neurologic & structural disorders. The Foundation helps every individual shine to their fullest potential. It is dedicated to educating, researching, engaging positive support, and assisting individuals to reach their maximum ability, to not only live but to improve and increase their quality of life.

This type of imaging of your swallowing is called a modified barium swallow to assess swallow function. This one shows a normal swallow.


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