Star Center Foundation has only been active for 1 year to date, however has been very busy developing Special programs to aid individuals with voicing and swallowing issues. The first phase of Star Center Foundation was develop support group for those who are suffering from Parkinsons with voicing difficulties . To aid in this Star Center Foundation has started the group Hear Me Roar, where individuals who have been in therapy for voicing can continue supporting each other. Individuals can share issues that are related to their disease process, support each other, and enjoy reading and singing out loud, or sharing ideas. It is led by a Speech Language Pathologist,. Project 1: Read out loud during this Christmas Season at the Rocky River Children’s public library The Hear Me

Roar group also was able to sing several Christmas carols being accompanied by Kristina who played   the ukulele. This allowed the group to share their voices with the community. This was practiced in the program. Project 2: Star Center Foundation also organized a stress free night for patients which included essentials oils for calming and a Sound Bath program Sound bath is an ancient sound-healing practice whereby the yogi relaxes in a reclining position – often supported in savasana (corpse pose) – and allows the healing sounds of traditional musical performances to bath over him/her. Project 3 The Star Center Foundation and Rock it Out hosted a Gift Giving Tree program, for one of the special patients who struggles with severe brain injury and supported her mom.